Sleep Consultation


One of the first questions you will be asked when you get home with your baby will be about her sleep. “How is she sleeping”? “Does he feed at night”? “Does he sleep through the night?

There are so many myths and misconceptions around us about pediatric and infant sleep, and yet, it is such a basic and important function in our lives that it is sometimes not fully answered.

Together we will understand the importance of sleep and the realistic expectations regarding the sleep of babies in the first year of life. We will learn how to manage within the wake windows and practice sleep-promoting rituals. We will learn the biological aspects and the hormones involved in sleep and relaxation processes. We will talk about regressions and understand what is behind them. We will learn how to listen to our baby and their need, so we can give him an accurate answer and thus help him produce good and healthy sleeping habits that are appropriate for his age.


I don’t believe I leave a baby to cry himself to sleep (Cry It Out). I think if we manage to fulfill the needs of our babies when they are awake, it will be easier for them to say goodbye to us when they fall into sleep.

​I completed my sleep studies at the Institution of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting. The studies included many methods for getting babies and toddlers to sleep. This allows us to create a sleep plan that is exactly tailored to your baby and parenting style. After completing a detailed sleep questionnaire, I will analyze the data and write you a clear and orderly sleep plan full of tools and explanations regarding your baby's sleep.

Join us to learn and get tools that will help you sleep better and wake up refreshed for another new day full of opportunities for learning and fun.

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Sleep support for babies and toddlers

The sleep accompaniment includes two programs:

Video call - a two-hour focus call where we talk about your baby, habits and the atmosphere at home. I analyze the information and give you practical tools and coping methods for better and better quality sleep for your baby. This type of program is suitable for parents who are already very aware of sleep methods and want to gain more practical knowledge to improve their baby's sleep.


Close sleep accompaniment - after filling out a detailed sleep questionnaire, I analyze the information and write a detailed sleep plan for you and we embark on a 3-week journey in which I accompany you closely and guide you on how to lead your baby to a good and quality sleep. We will hold several meetings where we will discuss the progress of sleep and the places where you need reinforcement. This program is suitable for parents who feel they need the support and not just the recipe.


Everything is done taking into account the age and temperament of the baby and your family structure. As a baby development instructor I combine tools related to motor and cognitive development as part of the practice for better and better quality sleep for babies and toddlers.



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