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About Me

I am Adi Lavhar, a baby development instructor and a baby sleep consultant. I relocated to the USA about 8 years ago following my love, my husband Guy and together we are raising our daughter Maya and our son Daniel. Parenting abroad is fundamentally different from the parenting most of us experience in the country we originally came from. Sometimes there are no grandparents who can help. There are no uncles who drop by for a visit and by and large, the family element is very lacking and along with it the support from our relatives.

I believe that parenting can be fun and empowering for you and your baby, and when we act from a place of knowledge and understanding we can see our baby as he is and provide for his needs in the best possible way.

At the beginning of my journey as a young mother, I thought I was coming from a place of knowledge and understanding of what a baby needs. I trusted myself and felt that there was no reason why I should not succeed in this. The difficulties came very quickly, mainly from a place of lack of knowledge and lack of sleep hours, and I started making wrong decisions for me and my baby girl. I slowly entered to a situation where my functioning was deficient.

Over time I learned that everything must be in balance between what is good for me as a mother and what my baby really needs. I learned to give a more correct and appropriate answer for my baby and indeed when my son Daniel was born I was already able to apply everything I learned and the parenting experience was significantly different for the better for me. I believe it is a combination of parental confidence and practical knowledge that helped me to be on a roll the second time I had to take care of a baby.

Exactly from my own initial parenting experience, I wanted to establish the Mamma Lee Center. A place where we can meet other mothers who are in the same situation and learn about ourselves and our babies. A place where there is no judgment and we can get good advice for us and our little ones.

Join us for a special experience full of music, laughter and fun, and together we will learn how to grow and develop while playing and having fun, all this in a homey atmosphere with other amazing women just like you.

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