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Image by Jonathan Borba

Congratulations, a tiny bundle of happiness joins your family. At the same time, a new mother is born.

A challenging role full of responsibilities filled with difficult moments and tears alongside special and magical moments of laughter and connection.

In today’s era we are flooded with great amounts of advice and recommendations. Everyone becomes an expert or an advocate for your baby. "You feed too much" "He is not dressed well enough" "You do not have enough milk" and many other pearls of wisdom that only contribute to confusion and helplessness in our most sensitive time, Postpartum. While we are flooded with hormones and lacking hours of sleep we have a hard time making the right decisions for ourselves and for our baby.

There is such a large supply of information and products that are not necessarily useful or appropriate for our needs, and it's so easy to get lost in the piles of information that surrounds us.


Developmental guidance was created to give you answers and tools for all the questions and difficulties that arise in the first months as young parents. Because when you know what to do, you are confident and more relaxed, which of course also affect your baby.

I was there too. And now, I'll be here for you.

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